​Sun Shades

Usually we use the polyethylene-netting cloth in producing the sunshades. This fabric is made from a very strong material that works against the environmental factors, preventing 95% of sunrays and protecting from the detrimental ultra violet sunrays. The features of these fabrics are to allow simple air circulation under the sunshades making cool shade area.

In addition, we use the PVC materials in sunshades products, this fabric is heavy-duty specially designed for a longer life against the nature factors and protect from the detrimental ultra violet rays and resisting the flame.

The steel structures of the sunshades are designed by professional engineers using special accessories and parts to obtain attractive shapes. In addition to, all steel parts are painted by high quality for more protection against the rust and nature’s factors. Special accessories are available to be used for parts to fix the parts, columns and structure.

Proudly three kinds of sunshades are offered by Lazourdy

Sunshades for Car Parks 

As a matter of fact the gulf region has a long hot summer; therefore, the shades for car parks are the most common used products which have a great demand. Thus, we at Lazourdy give high consideration to sunshades for car parks products and are provided by us in a wide variety of colours and shapes.


Not only the curved sunshades shapes ‘sail’ have characteristically beautiful forms but also it is connected to our culture according to our oriental heritage of our people; therefore our interest is in using the sunshades sail shapes in many of internal and external decorations, upon the clients’ request.

For the above mentioned advantages it is used in shopping centres, parks, and other decorating shapes at very competitive prices.

Tensile Sunshades 

The tensile tents and sunshades are manufactured from the textile-coated fabrics .These shades are widely used in complexes, play areas, schools and gardens for its flexibility and adjustability.